Be ready for 2023!

Many people may be particularly anxious to get back to their daily routines after the summer holidays. Jobs or studies and training should be re-integrated into everyday life after the holidays. You may also be aiming to tidy up your diet.

The COVID pandemic and the war in Ukraine have caused many people prolonged stress. This is affecting your workload and your ability to cope with everyday life. So it is only natural if you are now feeling uncertain or anxious about what to do and how to do it to maintain regular exercise or diet in your daily life.

It is also expected that starting exercising or following a diet can feel awkward and uncomfortable at first. Remember that changing your routine takes extra willpower and energy before new habits become new daily habits.
Get ready for autumn and succeed with our doable, simple, and guaranteed-to-work nutrition plans and exercise programs!

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- Coach Ville


Evidence based nutrition plans and exercise programs and coaching

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"In modern coaching, the coachee must be seen as a whole and multi-dimensional individual. The coach must respond to the individual's problems, needs, and activities. The coachee must be seen as a physical, psychological, and social whole, including religious and life-view needs.

It is also crucial that coaching is evidence-based. Still, we must also remember the coachee as a whole - are we always chasing the optimum or providing inspirational, flexible and realistic coaching?"